Eric Evans: Raise Taxes 10% and Lay Off Firefighters Instead of Cutting People’s Garbage Bills

This is the worst trade-off ever. Hopefully there are enough votes against a 10% tax increase to force the multi-hauler dead-enders to buckle: The plan includes cutting five firefighters and raising property taxes up to another 1 percent on top of the 8.5 percent hike already proposed for 2013 by Mayor John Callahan, council members said. Council [...]

Why Does Philly GOP Councilman Brian O’Neill Hate Job Creators?

I take pro-market positions on some issues not because I have some ideological problem with government regulation as such, but because there are a number of issues where I think a market-based approach gets you closer to the progressive ideal outcome than a regulatory kludge. It’s a means, to be considered on an issue by [...]

If You Want High Speed Internet, Move to Where the Internet Is

Here’s a non-problem if there ever was one: Anyway, back to Sutton. He lives in a section of Lynn Township that is, by my estimate, some 40 or 50 years behind the times, because there is no cable there. Sutton started a petition to get cable and posted it in the New Tripoli Post Office, [...]

Increasing Medicare Age Increases American Health Care Spending

Aaron Carroll explains why raising the Medicare eligibility age will increase, not decrease, American’s health care spending. The government share of the spending goes down, but the private share goes up. It will cost you more, it will cost people on Medicare more. Nobody is better off if we do this: If we drop 65 [...]

Why Robots, Not Human Politicians, Should Set Parking Prices

When human politicians try to set parking prices, the debates end up being about what’s politically popular or “fair” vs. money for unrelated stuff. This gets the issue all wrong. Parking rates need to be about supply and demand. What is the price that will keep a couple curb spots open on each block all [...]