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Destroy Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo does not want Democrats to have a majority in the NY State Senate. Democrats had a historic opportunity to take back the Senate after decades of GOP control, but Andrew Cuomo won’t even say which party he wants to control the chamber. He’s finished for 2016, and hopefully 2014 too.

David Nir:

As a reminder, candidates with a “(D)” after their names won 33 seats this November, while Republicans only won 30. But the five members of the IDC, as well as a sixth conservative Democrat (Simcha Felder), have all elected to side with the GOP, even though I doubt that’s what they were elected for. Once again, Felder aside, this isn’t about ideology: Klein describes himself as a “progressive.” Well, there’s a ton of progressive legislation that mainstream Dems want to pass. Klein claims this is about ending dysfunction in Albany. Let’s see if he bothers pushing for a floor vote on a single Democratic priority.

And let’s not forget the blame supposedly Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo bears here, too. Cuomo not only endorsed Republican senators for re-election but he also refused to say which party he preferred to see control the Senate—even after Dems won a surprise majority on election day. And a report in Crain’s even claims (according to an unnamed source) that Klein “has been running ideas past Mr. Cuomo before moving forward.” I certainly believe it.

It’s all further proof that Cuomo, despite occasional departures like gay marriage, is deeply anti-progressive and has little interest in being a Democrat. And if there’s a silver lining, it’s that abandoning your party (and progressive ideals) at a moment of extreme need like this ought to badly hurt Cuomo with presidential primary voters, should he make the mistake of seeking the brass ring.