Parking Policy Is About Allocating Scarce Space

David Alpert and Bruce DePuyt explain the parking economics in a less clunky way than I usually do: DePuyt phrased the issue well early in the discussion: the simple challenge is that not everyone can park in a place like downtown. Some people need to drive, but everyone can’t, so the basic policy debate is how [...]

Mike Turzai Complains About Transit Waste Standing in Front of Highway Widening Boondoggle

Mike Turzai’s idea to split the transportation funding bill out into separate bills for roads and transit sounds like trouble. It’s not that it couldn’t be done right – for instance, I could get behind a bill that reduces the state contribution but gives metros more tools to fund transit out of a regional tax [...]

Not a Real Counteroffer

The Economist is not impressed with John Boehner’s plan to increase revenues with magic: Meanwhile, Mr Boehner’s proposal would raise revenues by $800m over ten years by closing loopholes rather than raising rates, and cut $1.2 trillion in spending. Some $600 billion would be cut out of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare; $300 billion would come [...]