John Callahan Should’ve Announced Before The End of the Fundraising Quarter…

Announcing a huge campaign warchest in January would’ve been a pretty good way to dissuade Lamont McClure, and maybe even Glenn Reibman, from entering the Democratic primary.

What Political Message Will Win the Northampton County Exec Race?

Local government services are popular, and protecting those services is an issue where Democrats – the party more optimistic about government’s ability to solve problems – have a natural political advantage. Democrats create political space for Republican opponents though, when they tolerate poor performance of those services, or otherwise give taxpayers cause to believe that [...]

End the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Emily Washington explains that the mortgage interest deduction is a regressive subsidy for the wealthiest homeowners, which distorts the housing market in favor of large lot suburban housing. Unfortunately Obama and the Democrats won’t touch this because *some* taxpayers making less than $250K would see their taxes go up, but clearly there are much better [...]

What Was the Romney Campaign Doing in the Field?

Michel Kranish: Rich Beeson, the Romney political director who co­authored the now-discredited Ohio memo, said that only after the election did he realize what Obama was doing with so much manpower on the ground. Obama had more than 3,000 paid workers nationwide, compared with 500 for Romney, and hundreds of thousands of volunteers. “Now I [...]

DERP: Lehigh Tea Party Commissioners Hold Already-Budgeted Parks Funds Hostage

Refusing to release funds that have already been budgeted for parks improvements is stupid as hell, but that’s the sort of foolishness Lehigh County voters signed up for when they put a bunch of Tea People in charge of the County legislature. Once again, Scott Ott and crew are dead wrong on the merits of [...]

Who Will Be the New Speaker of the House?

Ezra Klein on what Plan B’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of backbencher House conservatives means for the House Speaker election on January 3: The failure of Plan B proved something important: Boehner doesn’t have enough Republican support to pass any bill that increases taxes — even one meant to block a larger tax increase [...]

LV Beer Week Needs Better Public Transit

Good points from The El Vee: All over the Lehigh Valley, with transportation: Let’s face it, LANTA and taxis in the Lehigh Valley kind of blow. It’s a bitch trying to get from city to city, or even across town without a car. Taking a LANTA bus from Brew Works in Allentown to say, Pearly [...]