If Charlie Dent’s a Moderate, Why Hasn’t He Denounced the No Tax Pledge Yet?

If it were true that Charlie Dent is on the left of the Republican caucus, you’d think he’d have been one of the first out the gate to denounce the Grover Norquist No Tax Pledge, before other more conservative House members. But he hasn’t.

Why Does the Peak Pittsburgh Labor Force Keep Not Being News?

I really do not understand. It’s not like people aren’t interested in the issue of jobs and how to make more of them. It’s not like politicians and advocacy organizations aren’t interested in these issues. It’s not like the news media isn’t interested in them. So why is it that the boomingest most impressive labor market [...]

No, Bethlehem Does Not Have a “Participatory Democracy”

This was a mighty strange comment from Al Wirth: “We’ve had a 50 percent attrition rate [since the start of the meeting] and I don’t think that’s a good model for participatory democracy,” said Al Wirth, a Lehigh University politics professor and a member of the Sierra Club who said he opposed single hauler for environmental reasons. [...]

What the Bethlehem Trash Hauler Poll Matters For

Issue polls are useful for two main reasons. One reason is that they give politicians information about how much political space they have to support a bill. If people are lopsidedly against a proposal, then there’s a risk that your opponent in the next election will use that issue as a weapon against you. A [...]

Single Hauler is the First Test of Mayor Bob Donchez

The fact that Bob Donchez is supposedly leaning against the single hauler trash proposal in spite of the obvious economic benefits is just the latest evidence that he’ll be the kind of pushover Mayor who does whatever the loudest group at a meeting tells him to do. I hope he proves me wrong, but that seems [...]