How to Get an Even Better Trash Deal Than Bethlehem’s Single Hauler Plan

If John Callahan becomes County Executive next year, he should think about trying to negotiate a trash hauling contract on behalf of all Northampton County municipalities. The greater the number of households the County is buying for, the stronger their hand will be in negotiating down the price per household.

Why Would Polls Even Matter for the Bethlehem Trash Debate?

Nitpicking polling methodology is a classic tactic of people wanting to discredit results they don’t like, and this is especially true in the case of the single hauler debate where some folks seem desperate to unskew Muhlenberg’s Bethlehem city survey’s finding that a clear majority won’t mind switching to a single trash hauler. Mostly they [...]

What Bethlehem Is Promising on Trash Collection

Daryl Nerl has a summary of the known details on Bethlehem’s single hauler proposal. Looks like I got it wrong before when I said it would be $300 + $60 for recycling. The $300 includes the $60 recycling fee: The new cost would be no more than $300 per household, which includes the current $60 [...]