Bethlehem Residents Support Single Hauler Trash Service If They Will “Realize a Cost Reduction and Improved Service”

Trash Poll

I got hold of a copy of the Bethlehem quality of life survey, which I’ve posted down at the bottom. Here is the section pertaining to the hot hot trash collection issue. Even if you put all the Don’t Know people in the Not Supportive column – and probably it’s more like 50/50 – it [...]

“Lincoln” and Liquor License Reform

Everybody’s saying what insights they think should be drawn from Lincoln for current policy debates, so I’ll join in and talk about liquor licensing and alcohol reform. In both cases, you have a market that lots of people would like to change, but where any meaningful change will impose huge losses on powerful incumbents. Abolitionists [...]

Where the $110 in Savings Comes From in John Callahan’s Trash Plan

Bethlehem city officials tell Nicole Radzievich how they came up with $110 in savings for an average household: To get the single-hauler  price, one of the methods the city used was the one-third rule. They figured that the landfilling cost is about a third of the price. After researching what other haulers pay, they assumed [...]

Statistics Fail Blogging

LOL of the morning goes to Bernie O’Hare who thinks that Eric Evans’ “feel for his constituency” is more accurate than an actual poll. Kind of like how we weren’t supposed to trust Nate Silver because Joe Scarborough’s gut said the 2012 race was a toss-up.