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Why Shrink County Government?


Brad Osborne voted the right way on the Lehigh budget this year, but note that he’s still approaching County budget issues from a very wingnutty perspective. The idea that County government needs to shrink is taken as a given, and Brad does not seem to think that it needs any explanation:

Taxpayers in Lehigh County deserve real fiscal discipline from their elected officials. To effectively reduce the size of county government and lower taxes, it will be necessary to identify and eliminate wasteful expenditures, implement efficiencies, and frankly, learn to live without all but the most essential spending – not just for today, but also for the long term.

Talking vaguely about the size of government instead of talking about what services you do or do not want County government to provide makes you just as guilty of the sort of irresponsible budget nihilism as Scott Ott and the Tea People.

You need to say what you want County government to do, say what you think is the most efficient way to provide those services, and then raise the amount
of revenue you need to pay for that. You can’t just work backwards from some arbitrary revenue number.