Archives for November 24, 2012

How Dumb Is Eric Evans?

Nicole Radzievich gets this money quote:

He said he appreciates the administration’s survey, but has heard no outcry from residents wanting a private hauler. In fact, in community meetings, Evans said he has heard the opposite.

Google “sample size” Eric!

Don’t Forget the Free Riders

I’m impressed with John Callahan’s political strategy on the push for a single trash hauler, but any good political campaign needs a villain, and in this case it probably should be the free riders – people who do not pay for trash services, and irresponsibly dump their trash in other people’s dumpsters and garbage cans.

The flip side of the “freedom” to contract individually with a private hauler is that some people just don’t do it and dump their trash on the sly.

Clearly it’s illegal not to buy trash service, but there’s no practical way to enforce the law since it’s difficult to catch people in the act. And for the same reason, it’s hard to estimate how widespread the problem is. But I’ve heard plenty of stories about free riders dumping their trash in school district dumpsters, business dumpsters, and neighbors’ cans.

Callahan should incorporate the message about moochers into the campaign for a single hauler, arguing that the only way to make sure everybody’s paying their fair share is to have everybody pay for their trash service through taxes.