Cashless Tolls Will Unlock the Option of Congestion Pricing in PA’s Big Metros

I’m glad we’re hearing talk about moving to cashless tolls, because that would be an excellent way for the state to save money, stretch taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars further, and improve human welfare all at the same time. The state would no longer have to spend millions on employing human beings to do the dehumanizing job of [...]

How Better Land Use Policy Can Help Ease PA’s Pension Crunch

Next year’s pension debate is mostly going to be about what happens with new public employees, since it would be illegal to break current employees’ contracts. As such, any reforms affecting future employees will not dent the truly massive amount of money PA is going to have to start budgeting for pension payments already owed. Here’s [...]

Why Bethlehem Residents Would Pay Less With Single Trash Hauler


I’ve been waiting for somebody to make this point so I could knock it down, and it finally showed up in the comments: Mr Marshall did not “poll” me. When was that conducted. I am so satisfied with my private trash hauler, I can’t believe it is an issue AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND [...]