Lower Easton’s Meter Rates When It’s Not Busy

The obvious compromise on Easton’s parking meter rates would be to lower prices during off-peak times, and raise prices during peak times. The new electronic meters the city is testing out are able to do this. Remember what the parking study said: most of the time there is no parking shortage. There’s only a surge in [...]

Alcohol Reform and “Structural” Economic Problems

(Cross-posted from Keystone Politics) During the past 4 years you’ve no doubt heard Republican politicians, and even many Democrats, say that the economy’s not growing as fast as it could because we have “structural” problems. That is, the problem isn’t weak sales, it’s that the supply side of the economy is getting choked out by [...]

House Republicans Think They Won a Mandate to Block Violence Against Women Act

Sahil Kapur reports that House Republicans do not seem to have gotten the message women voters sent them in the election: If Republicans have been chastened by losing the women’s vote last week by the widest margin in modern history, they have a funny way of showing it. House GOP leaders aren’t yielding to a [...]