What the Philly Parking Minimums Debate Is About: Growing Walkable or Choking Off Growth

(Cross-posted from Keystone Politics) Ashley Hahn has a great primer on what’s so wrong with minimum parking requirements in walkable neighborhoods over at the PlanPhilly blog. To put this in the context of what it all means for Philly’s development future though, I’d pair it with this post from Angie Schmitt at Streetsblog, Enticing Car-Lite Households to [...]

Should’ve Passed the Bi-County Public Health Department

We’ve known about these problems forever, but anti-intellectual elected officials still doubt that population-level public health policy is a thing that works. They’re wrong, and should listen to the actual experts. Tim Darragh: The Lehigh Valley is a great place to recover from illness, but not a good place to stay healthy, a groundbreaking partnership [...]

National GOP Budget Nihilism Come to Lehigh County Commission

Nevermind that the PA’s third largest city is having to consider selling its water infrastructure to stave off bankruptcy. Nevermind that Republican DA Jim Martin says the Tea Party slate’s proposed budget cuts will have significant costs to public safety. It’s an excellent time for a fucking tax cut! Also note that the tea people [...]