Run Joe Sestak for Governor in 2014

(Cross-posted from Keystone Politics) Looking at Rich Wilkins’ round-up of the 2014 field, I see a lot of people who just recently won elections this year: Who should actually take him on though? I think the right of first refusal belongs to Senator Casey, who is the leader of our party right now. If not him, I’d [...]

Federal Government Should Pay for 100% of Sandy Clean-Up

The difference between state governments and the federal government is that state governments have balanced budget requirements and the federal government doesn’t. There is no reason at all why state governments should have to spend a dime on Hurricane Sandy clean-up – that is, divert tax dollars away from education or Medicaid or anything else [...]

Bold Ideas from John Callahan in This Year’s Bethlehem Budget

Very proud of John Callahan for thinking outside the box on the latest budget in Bethlehem. Rather than just cutting more city jobs or raising property taxes, Callahan’s going for some “structural” reforms that will make both city government and city residents better off. The most important is the switch to a single trash hauler: [...]