Only Water Privatization Can Knock Out Allentown’s Pension Mess in One Blow, But Who Cares?

My view on the Allentown water privatization debate is that, on the merits it’s a bad idea. Municipal water privatization was popular for a while in some European cities but now we’re seeing some of those same cities re-municipalizing their water systems. It’s a bad deal. The best outcome would be for the city to [...]

Vote the Party, Not the Person

There’s only one way to be an effective political actor on Election Day, and that’s voting a straight ticket. Don’t throw away your vote by splitting your ticket. Political scientist Jonathan Bernstein makes the case: On Tuesday, I’ll be voting for … the candidate nominated by my party. Indeed, that’s my strong advice to everyone: [...]

Why Not Build the 500 Apartments in the LV Cities?

Few things rankle more than high density multifamily housing getting built on greenfield land when there’s so much unused urban land available. Why not build these 500 apartments on the surface parking lots along 3rd Street in South Bethlehem? Why not build them on the surface lots on the Easton waterfront? Why not build them [...]