Real Estate Prices Rising in Allentown NIZ

A very good sign that the NIZ is working as planned, via Jennifer Woodward: Ron Coleman, an associate broker at NextRE Associate in Allentown, has been a Lehigh Valley Realtor since 1980. He said that he has seen many positive changes taking place in the vicinity of the arena. Coleman owns three properties on Hamilton [...]

Bill White Gets One Wrong

Bill White writes: I lumped the mayors of Allentown and Bethlehem together in Thursday’s column, suggesting that both were trying to convince their residents to accept bold proposals that don’t seem to be particularly popular. I ended up focusing on Mayor John Callahan’s plan for converting Bethlehem to a single trash hauler, and I’ll be writing [...]

The Change We Need

Good points from Scott Lemieux on the significance of Obama’s opening bid: It makes it clear that Obama is willing to maximize his leverage by letting the Bush tax cuts expire. This isn’t the proposal of someone who’s particularly interested in making a deal to avoid “going over the cliff.” And after the Bush tax [...]

Demand for Center City Housing Booming in Philly

Dana DiFilippo: Lured by jobs, city amenities and the ability to get around without a car, more people are living in Center City, resulting in the rebound of a housing market severely damaged in the 2008-09 recession, according to a report released Tuesday by the Center City District and Central Philadelphia Development Corp. The population [...]

Governments Create Markets: Bethlehem Trash Hauler Edition

One point I’ve been glad to hear from John Callahan and Joe Kelly is that switching to a single trash hauler does not reflect a problem with the private trash haulers. They are doing the best they can within the wacky market design that city government has created for them. It just happens to be [...]

Shorter Boehner: Democrats Should Propose the Spending Cuts for Us

It continues to amaze me how bizarre the Republican negotiating position is on the austerity crisis. House Republicans say there’s a “price for everything” to avert the austerity crisis and raise the debt ceiling, but they won’t say what that price is. They say they want to do entitlement cuts, but are insisting that President Obama [...]

If Charlie Dent’s a Moderate, Why Hasn’t He Denounced the No Tax Pledge Yet?

If it were true that Charlie Dent is on the left of the Republican caucus, you’d think he’d have been one of the first out the gate to denounce the Grover Norquist No Tax Pledge, before other more conservative House members. But he hasn’t.