Time for Joe Brennan to Resign

Frank Warner: State Rep. Joseph Brennan choked and punched his wife on the porch of their Fountain Hill home Wednesday afternoon and then drove away drunk, police said [...] On Wednesday, borough police went to Brennan’s home at 1201 Delaware Ave. at 3:48 p.m. on a report of a man hitting a woman. When they [...]

Fund Bethlehem’s Hoover-Mason Trestle Park with Value Capture

Turning the Hoover-Mason Trestle into an elevated park on the Bethlehem Steel site sounds like a much better idea to me than building a parking garage. I got to explore the Trestle a few times sneaking into the blast furnace area as a young scamp, and can attest that the view is seriously epic. If [...]

Barron: Sue MERS

It’s a great idea. I wrote about this last year in light of Montgomery County’s suit.

Sierra Club Opposes Allentown Water and Sewer Privatization

Via Michael Molovinsky:  The Lehigh Valley Sierra Club urges the City of Allentown to not rush to privatize its municipal drinking water and sanitary sewer system. The Lehigh Valley Sierra Club has several hundred members residing in the city, with 1,400 members living in the Lehigh Valley. The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and [...]