Charlie Dent Goes All-In on Paul Ryan

Charlie Dent had already cast his lot with the Jacobins in the House GOP by voting for Paul Ryan’s budget twice, which famously included Ryan’s plan to scrap your guaranteed Medicare benefits and replace them with an ever-shrinking coupon and a wish. But now he is pretending to be happy that Mitt Romney picked a [...]

Where Are City Tax Bases “Eroding” To?

Robert Swift says the state legislature will take up a few different bills to help PA’s struggling cities: A bipartisan group in the Senate and House is working on a host of related issues, including an overhaul of the Act 47 program for fiscally distressed municipalities, municipal pension benefits, collective bargaining for public employees and [...]

How to Make Musikfest Parking Convenient

Musikfest is an excellent example of why Bethlehem needs variable pricing for parking. Most of the time, there’s enough parking downtown for everyone who wants a space to get one, and then at certain busy times of the day there are not enough curb spaces for everyone who wants one. But during Musikfest, demand is [...]

WFMZ: Commercial Space Around Allentown Arena “Just About Gone”

WFMZ: Developers say space around the arena is filling up quick. For 28 years Joshua Tucker has owned JaeTees Wicker on Hamilton street. You can even see the hockey arena site from his showroom. “I think it’s changing for the good,” said Tucker, “I think you are seeing investment come in. I think you’ll see [...]

Economic Policy Is All About Congress

Harold Pollack: In our increasingly parliamentary political system, the most basic domestic policy question this November concerns whether Americans wish to hand the federal government’s car keys over to a stridently conservative House Republican caucus. On health reform, taxes, and many other matters, a President Romney’s personal policy views would be less determinative than the [...]

Americans Don’t Know What the Deficit Is

Larry Bartels: Of the 1000 respondents in the survey, 93 provided answers to these questions indicating that spending would be higher and that their own taxes would be lower if Barack Obama is reelected; but only 15% of those people drew the conclusion that the federal budget deficit would be higher under Obama, while 55% said it [...]