What High Prices Mean

High home prices mean that this argument should not be the least bit persuasive to city council members voting on the Bethlehem zoning ordinance: “I would have thought twice about buying the beautiful house I live in now if there was an office building because I don’t want it commercialized,” East Market Street resident Mary [...]

The War on Women Timeline

Handy guide to the beating women took from House Republicans in the 2011-2012 session. War on Women on Dipity.

Milton Friedman on the Negative Income Tax

Conservatives are horrified at the suggestion that giving poor people cash straight up would solve their cash-lacking problem, but Milton Friedman was a supporter of this policy. Here he is besting Buckley in an argument about it. Dylan Matthews looks at the surprising amount of left-right agreement on basic income policies: But it’s worth noting [...]

Tea Party County Commissioners Vote to Keep Mooching Off City Health Departments

The bottom line: “Someday an inevitable but avoidable public health disaster is going to hit, and people are going to look back and say, ‘Those are the folks who didn’t want to pay for public health,’” Jennings said. Of course there already is a public health disaster, and it is that most of Lehigh and [...]

Bill Hansell Supports a County Police Department

Bill Hansell was unanimously elected interim Lehigh County Executive to serve out the remainder of Don Cunningham’s term. Clearly he’s been reading the Geeting blog: Hansell said having a county police department probably would save huge amounts of money compared to individual municipal police departments. Mr. Hansell could start this off by offering police service [...]

Alan Jennings on Tea Party Governance in Lehigh County

Alan Jennings is totally right about this. It isn’t that the Tea People have a legitimate disagreement about the costs and benefits of a Bi-County Health Department. The amount of money it would cost per household is trivial – a few dollars a year. In my observation, the biggest obstacle is a very stubborn and [...]

Bethlehem NIMBYs Tweak Out Over “Disastrous” Corner Businesses

LOL: Most residents who spoke against the ordinance live in the center-city historic district. They fear their neighborhood, as well as residential neighborhoods throughout the city, will be degraded by the zoning change. Before the vote, a half dozen residents made final appeals to council. “Members of council, you have a bad section of zoning [...]