Everybody Who’s Overcome the Parochial Politics Likes Police Regionalization

Andrew George continues killing it on police regionalization. Here is a new article where he looks at examples of regional policing in the LV and New Jersey. Basically, everybody with experience being part of a regional police department has good things to say about it, but there are a few instances of parochial skirmishes: Communities [...]

Who Cares if Red Light Cameras “Pay for Themselves”?

Nobody asks if a human police officer pays for himself, in terms of the revenue he brings in from speeding tickets. That’s not the point. The point is to reduce law breaking. So why is AAA trying to impose this standard on red light cameras? The relevant question is whether paying an equivalent number of [...]

Poptart Pete – Ithaca

Some of the best music I’ve heard in a while comes from this guy Jamal Smith, a young skateboarder from Philly using the moniker Poptart Pete. Very relaxing instrumental stuff. 48 tracks over on his Soundcloud page.

How to Make the Allentown Arena Cheaper

Don’t build the two underground parking garages: Because the Hamilton Street office building and the Seventh Street hotel will be built on top of the arena, the outer edges of the arena complex will, in essence, serve as the first three floors of those buildings. In addition, those two buildings will share the arena foundation [...]

It’s All the Allentown Metro

Here’s one for Chris Cocca: @skraus: First Lady to campaign at “in the Allentown area” at Moravian Thursday: Outside the LV, it’s all just Allentown: http://t.co/QAQYBV9o One of the more persuasive arguments for regional moneys being collected to rehab Allentown is that if outside businesses and potential residents are under the impression that Allentown sucks, [...]