Skateboarders Fight Back on Allentown “Quality of Life” Regulations

Richard Ramos for City Council! A group of 30 motivated young Allentown residents, and a few of their adult supporters, got City Council on Wednesday night to promise to take a second look at bike and skateboard restrictions it enacted as part of a quality-of-life initiative [...] Richard Ramos, 16 of Allen Street organized a [...]

Maybe Subsidize Washington Township’s Share of the Slate Belt Regional Police Department

$100,000 a year really isn’t that much money spread across 1600+ households, but if that’s what’s going to make or break the Slate Belt regional policing plan, the other townships should just subsidize Washington Township’s portion. They’re the only ones besides Bangor who would end up paying more money, and Bangor already voted for it. [...]

Q-Poll: Obama Up 11 in PA

Big Tent: In Pennsylvania, Obama tops Romney 53 to 42 percent in the poll; the president leads by a smaller 50 to 44 percent margin in Ohio, and edges Romney 51 percent to 45 percent in Florida. That’s likely voters, although it may be harder to say who is a likely voter this year with [...]

Remunicipalization of Water Utilities

Tyler Cowen comments on an article from the Reuters Muniland blog: Some time ago, @ModeledBehavior has requested comment on this article.  Excerpt: Across the nation cash-strapped municipalities are considering the sale of their public-utility systems. These moves are intended to raise cash and rid the municipalities of expensive liabilities such as debt service and pension obligations. [...]

Appoint County Row Offices

What Bernie said. More elections do not equal better democracy. Democracy works better when voters have fewer politicians to pay attention to, they know who’s in charge, and it’s easy to figure out who deserves credit or blame. In this case, there’s more accountability if voters a County Executive, he or she staffs up the [...]