What’s Wrong With Bars In Downtown Neighborhoods?

Good news that Bethlehem city council passed the new zoning ordinance over NIMBY objections, but I would’ve preferred to see the new ordinance go even further, with a form-based code that doesn’t address *uses* at all. Section 1304.04 that the NIMBYs are flipping out about doesn’t go far enough. Not only should businesses be allowed [...]

Owner of Melt and Blue Opening Nice Restaurant in Downtown Allentown

Zach Lindsey on Donny Petridis’ vote of confidence in downtown Allentown’s future: Melt and Blue co-owner Donny Petridis likely will be the founder of a planned restaurant at Two City Center near Allentown’s hockey arena project, Petridis and City Center Lehigh Valley announced Tuesday. The upscale restaurant planned for the first floor of the center [...]

Build More Apartments to Stop Illegal Apartment Conversions in Allentown

The reason you see people making all these illegal rental conversions in Allentown is that the rent is too high for a lot of people to afford their own apartments. If people could afford their own apartments, I don’t think they’d be trying to live in cramped conditions. It’s not like they enjoy that. The [...]

Police Regionalization in the Slate Belt

This was not on my radar, but Bernie O’Hare says it’s in the works: Bangor Borough Council is poised to vote next Monday on a state-financed police regionalization plan for the 5 Slate Belt communities. A regional department would result in 24% total savings in police costs. . In Bangor, it is basically a wash [...]