Job Fair Is Below Charlie Dent’s Pay Grade

The real reason to be annoyed at the Charlie Dent job fair is that it’s below his pay grade. The reason the country has sustained +8% unemployment is not that people aren’t hearing about the jobs that are there. It is not a problem of matching employers and workers. The real problem – the one [...]

PA-15: Charlie Dent Job Fair Brought to You By the Democrats’ Stimulus

Igor Volsky catches Charlie Dent hosting a job fair with 6 companies that directly benefitted from President Obama and the Demcrats’ 2009 stimulus. Of course Charlie Dent, along with all House Republicans, voted against the stimulus – a fact we should not forget now that he is trying to share in the political upside for [...]

End Municipally-Owned Parking

I don’t remember seeing anything about two parking garages as part of the Allentown arena complex. Thought it was a 7-story office building and a hotel: The $220 million project to build an 8,500-seat hockey arena, seven-story office building and two parking garages has been held up since Hanover (Northampton County) and Bethlehem townships challenged [...]