If You Can’t Find Qualified Workers, You’re Not Paying Enough

Job retraining programs and career-focused education are cool, but skills mismatch just isn’t a big problem with the economy. Business owners who say they can’t find qualified workers are either terrible at business, or are pulling your leg. If they can’t find qualified workers, it’s because they’re not offering high enough wages. Business types like [...]

Obama Can Replace Ed DeMarco

Blaming the Obama administration’s unforced errors on housing policy* on Bush holdover Ed DeMarco wouldn’t be entirely right, since Treasury has had pretty wide latitude to act without Congress and they haven’t. But in the case of principal reduction, it really is a Bush holdover messing things up. There have been some questions about whether [...]

Tight Money Hurts Young People

“If they dare to come out in the open field and defend the gold standard as a good thing, we shall fight them to the uttermost, having behind us the producing masses of the nation and the world. Having behind us the commercial interests and the laboring interests and all the toiling masses, we shall [...]

State Study Finds Slate Belt Regional Police Dept Would Cost 24% Less Than Separate Forces

Andrew George reports on a new state study strongly recommending a regional police department for 5 Slate Belt municipalities. He finds no officials to say anything bad about this, and Bangor and Wind Gap officials are supportive, despite Bangor paying the most under the proposed plan: The study addresses advantages of a regional force such [...]

Shut Er Down

Sahil Kapur says a government shutdown over the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill is still looming over the election. Maybe a reporter should ask Charlie Dent what he thinks about the bill, since he’s on the Appropriations Committee: Just months ago, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) seemed to have accepted that accomplishing the basic functions of government [...]

Taxpayers Could Benefit From GSE Principal Reduction

Jared Bernstein says Fannie and Freddie are moving closer to principal reduction: According to hard-nosed-WSJ-housing-beat reporter Nick Timiraos, Fannie and Freddie’s regulator, the FHFA—which has heretofore argued that principal reduction wasnot something it wanted to add to the GSEs portfolio of loan mod programs, now finds that its benefits are considerably larger than they thought. …a [...]

Which Economists Have Been Getting it Right Since 2008?

Jonathan Portes: [W]hen economists argue about the correct stance of policy, who should we (policymakers, commentators, and the general public) listen to? This question was prompted by a recent exchange I had with Ed Vaizey and Simon Hughes on the BBC’s Daily Politics: I pointed out that not only was the government’s decision in 2010 [...]