Top 30 Albums of 2013

This is not why you come here, but at the same time as I am reading all the politics news I’m also fiendishly sampling new music from the Internet. Here are my top 10 favorites, with lots of honorable mentions and singles. 10 Most Favorite Albums (in no particular order) 1. J. Cole – Born [...]

Rap Music is the Solution

Rap music is one of the only things going right in this country. If there’s a problem, the solution is more and better rap music.

How Blogging Matters

Wonk blogging will never sway the broad public mind about anything, but you can change the minds of other influentials who are actually in a position to change things. Keith Humphreys puts this well: I discovered over time that our readers also include other journalists, elected officials, Congressional and White House staffers, police officers, health [...]

What’s Next for Your Friend Jon Geeting and His Daily Blog

Longtime readers of the Geeting blog have probably figured out that I’m not writing on here as much as I once was. Here’s what’s been going on with me. For the past 5 years I had a job working on an archival project in NYC, but I completed that at the end of May, and [...]

Down the Shore

I’m down the shore on family vacation in Wildwood, so no blogging until next Monday. Have a good week!

Switch to Feedly

I loved Google Reader, but it was never quite as awesome after they killed the sharing function and replaced it with lame Google+. I switched to Feedly two weeks ago and I like it okay, although the iPhone app is still pretty buggy. One feature I absolutely hate is the auto-refresh, where if you aren’t in the [...]

Meet-Up: Let’s Build Some Sidewalk Seating on Southside Bethlehem

photo (2)

Southside Bethlehem’s West 4th Street business district has a few street benches, but it should have a lot more. That’s why I’m putting together a volunteer group to build some tree box benches on a couple of weekends in July. Sidewalk seating is so popular these days, and it’s a pretty cheap and easy way [...]