The Bizarre Republican Definition of Racism

Jamelle Bouie: The idea that Obama is a racist reads as baffling to most Americans, but it makes sense if you understand the particular racial beliefs of conservatives. If the liberal perspective on racism is that racial inequality is a genuine fact of contemporary American life—and requires race-specific remedies—then the conservative view can be expressed [...]

Pants on Fire

The deficit is shrinking. It is not growing. It is not “half true” to say that the deficit is growing. It is completely false. Steve Benen: Cantor said the deficit is growing; the deficit is shrinking; so even PolitiFact can’t ignore the straightforward arithmetic. Or so I thought. My colleague Will Femia found this report last night. [...]

Driving is Massively Subsidized

This fact is always worth repeating: The amount we spend on roads every year far outstrips the money raised by user fees: “Nationwide in 2010, state and local governments raised $37 billion in motor fuel taxes and $12 billion in tolls and non-fuel taxes, but spent $155 billion on highways,” and the federal government spends [...]

Matt Cartwright Is the Most Valuable Democrat in PA

This is a pretty good article on liberal hero Matt Cartwright from Borys Krawczeniuk, but “Cartwright forges through first term as more liberal than Holden” is not the way I would have framed it. About midway through his first year, Mr. Cartwright lived up to his campaign mantra. Through Thursday, he had voted the Democratic party [...]

Meet the 58 Democrats Too Conservative For Their Districts

(Today, I’m proud to announce a new project I’ve been working on with Ryan O’Donnell called Primary Colors. We released a teaser site today, and the full site will be out in a few weeks with 4 different scores for every member of the House and Senate and sweet interactive maps – Jon) Every election season activists have the [...]

Larry, WHY?

“An Austrian cabal has taken secret control of the Democratic Party at the highest levels of the US government.” More here. Strong opinions about monetary economics are probably not why the Senate Democrats prefer Janet Yellen, but whatever the reason, I sure am glad it looks like the Larry Summers for Fed Chair trial balloon [...]

US Health Care: Anything But a Market

US health care prices are not the result of market processes. They are the result of a raw political struggle between a cartel on the supply side, and an extremely fragmented payer base on the demand side. The only way to get lower prices – the only way any country has yet to dream up [...]