Bethlehem and Lancaster Win CRIZ Districts

It’s a Crizzmas miracle, y’all! (John Callahan’s joke, not mine.)┬áBethlehem and Lancaster have been selected to keep more of their own taxes to finance infill development. It’s a big win for Bethlehem in particular because they’re right next to Allentown, and people were worried that the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) would diminish interest in [...]

PHOTOS: Introducing the Easton Rail Park


The rail station in Easton apparently used to be a really neat looking place, but it’s since burned down so unfortunately there’s not an opportunity for adaptive reuse there. But last year my Mom had a cool idea to turn the abandoned railway, which passes over 611, into a rail park like New York City’s [...]

The Pro-Market Plan for Zoned Hauling in Bethlehem

A single trash hauler is the cheapest, greenest, and most efficient option for Bethlehem residents and city government without question, but Bob Donchez and Eric Evans think keeping a handful of redundant trash haulers in business is a more important priority than winning residents hundreds of dollars a year in savings from group purchasing, so [...]

No More Surface Parking on Bethlehem Steel Land

You and I both know Bass Pro shops would want a humongous surface parking lot as part of any deal on the No. 2 Machine Shop. I have no idea why anyone thinks that a hunting and fishing store is a good fit for an urban core location, but if they want a surface parking [...]

When Will the First Phase of the Bethlehem Greenway Be Completed?

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 9.49.33 AM

The final phase of the Bethlehem Greenway trail is going to get built soon, all the way down to Saucon Park, but I’m wondering when the first section of the trail is going to be completed, between the entrance on New St. and the area across the Banana Factory buildings on 3rd Street: This matters [...]

The New Burbs

New greenfield development that requires new road infrastructure is evil, but I can live with this new denser version of the suburbs: The real question about this is why we aren’t seeing all these new smaller housing units getting built around downtown Bethlehem. Greenfield development is expensive, but often it is cheaper than dealing with [...]

Joe Kelly for Bethlehem Council Vacancy

He’d be a great pick, obviously.