PHOTOS: Introducing the Easton Rail Park


The rail station in Easton apparently used to be a really neat looking place, but it’s since burned down so unfortunately there’s not an opportunity for adaptive reuse there. But last year my Mom had a cool idea to turn the abandoned railway, which passes over 611, into a rail park like New York City’s [...]

The Pro-Market Plan for Zoned Hauling in Bethlehem

A single trash hauler is the cheapest, greenest, and most efficient option for Bethlehem residents and city government without question, but Bob Donchez and Eric Evans think keeping a handful of redundant trash haulers in business is a more important priority than winning residents hundreds of dollars a year in savings from group purchasing, so [...]

Exclusive: First Look at the New Southside Bethlehem Complex Design Scheme

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 8.17.48 PM

Here’s a peek at the two draft renderings currently under consideration for the new complex of buildings on Southside Bethlehem at 3rd and New Streets. I’ve been interested in how the new office building and the new city parking garage will interact with the Greenway park, the pedestrian space on the surrounding sidewalks, and the [...]

Why Dennis Benner is Investing in Southside Bethlehem

Good interview from Nicole Radzievich, but Benner should head over to Easton though, where a “youthful renaissance” has been taking hold for years now. All the older city downtowns, and some boroughs like Wilson, Nazareth, and Emmaus are ripe for some infill development. We just need more developers like Dennis Benner and sons who get [...]

Bethlehem’s CRIZ Wishlist a Boring Hodgepodge

This list of projects can change later if the state determines Bethlehem the winner, so let’s hope this list is just what Bethlehem officials think will impress the dullard economic development thinkers in Harrisburg, and not what they actually want to spend the money on. The CRIZ, like the NIZ, is supposed to be used [...]

My Plan for the Bethlehem CRIZ

Convention Centers are  a horrible economic development strategy. They almost never actually work to get people outside the site during conventions. Bethlehem shouldn’t blow the CRIZ money on this or luring Bass Pro Shops, and Martin Tower is probably a bad idea too depending on what people are thinking about the rest of the site [...]

Why Does Bethlehem Want to Restore Its Rail Transit Connections?

I’ve always been a fan of restoring rail connections between the Lehigh Valley and NYC and Philadelphia, but it’s worth revisiting why we might want this. Basically if you’re going to waste this very expensive infrastructure on Park n’ Rides, then it’s not worth doing. Simply grafting passenger rail onto the existing transportation and development [...]