Cars Are Expensive

The high cost of car-related expenses as a household budget item is a major equity blindspot for many Democratic city politicians. For some, the political imagination spans from low-income car owners to high-income car owners, and so the “equitable” policy agenda is all about lowering the costs of car ownership as a bankshot way to [...]

Why We Need Even-Year a Municipal Elections

There’s no real problem with this senior fairs idea, but I have yet to hear John Callahan offer anything interesting policy-wise to us youngs and it’s much the same with the other NorCo Dems (Deb Hunter being the exception). And that’s probably because we don’t vote in odd-year municipal elections. Of course we should – [...]

Affordability Should Focus on People, Not Buildings


The first thing to note about these new “affordable” apartments planned for Southside Bethlehem is that they look horrible: Where are the active ground-floor uses, people? They’re creating a blank wall facing the sidewalk in a neighborhood they want to be more walkable. This is working against walkability. Lynn Olanoff reports Andrew Twiggar saw this [...]

Bruce Sigmon Couldn’t Be More Wrong About Population Growth

There’s no real point to engaging with Bruce Sigmon, the unaffiliated candidate for Bethlehem Mayor, from the standpoint of electoral politics – in a city with hugely lopsided Democratic Party registration, he’s sure to lose. But I do think it’s worth confronting his ideas about population growth head on, because this is really the lodestar [...]


I’m in Salt Lake City for a week because I write on the Internet and people like it. Maybe you should blog?

Rendell Supporting Callahan and Reynolds


Ed Rendell knows what’s up – if you want progressive leadership that takes local governance and economic growth to the next level instead of sitting on its butt, then you need to support John Callahan for Northampton Exec and Willie Reynolds for Bethlehem Mayor. Rendell showed up as a special guest at a recent fundraiser [...]

Donchez’s “Citizen’s Group” is Handful of Old Conservative Guys

Everybody’s talking about the Bob Donchez mailer’s smarmy use of a 10-year-old picture of Willie Reynolds (although in fairness it looks like he might be using a 10-year-old photo of himself in his own press materials…) but let’s not overlook how funny it is that Mr. Donchez is touting his favorable rating from the “Citizens [...]